Tomato Planting and Growing Tips

It’s mid-April. As we (hopefully) head for warmer weather, it’s time to begin planting those tomato seeds if you haven’t already. I came across some useful tomato planting and growing tips to share here from the Spruce. The site is also linked on this website’s ‘Resources’ page.



Annual Meeting Today

Please join us for the Hill East Community Garden annual meeting today at 4:00pm at Trusty’s; 1420 Pennsylvania Ave. SE.

We will discuss the Garden’s new task-based work system. Snacks and drinks will be provided.

Work Days & Garden Social

First, the fun stuff: The Garden Board is organizing a social, we’ll provide the essential utensils and some drinks (beer, wine and non-alcoholic options). Please join us Sunday, June 11 at 5PM. Please bring a dish to share and anything you’d like to grill.

Second: We’ve all got work hour obligations and while you can do them at any time and report them through the Work Hours form on this web site, we’re also pin-pointing work days where you’ll have some solidarity with fellow gardeners.

Here’s what we’ve got so far (last summer, Saturdays seemed to work better than the weekday evenings):

Come for any amount of time you can between 8AM – 11AM on the following dates:

Saturday, May 20, 8AM – 11AMSaturday, June 24, 8AM – 11AM

Saturday, July 15, 8AM – 11AM 

Saturday, August 12, 8AM – 11AM

As a reminder, each plot must contribute at least 4 hours of work annually towards the common good of the garden.

The Google Calendar (also available through this site) will be updated accordingly before this weekend is out.

Garden Board Meeting: Wednesday, May 10

Echoing a post from the board to the Garden membership email list:

Just a reminder that the HECG Board will be meeting on Wednesday, May 10th at 7:00 pm in the garden.  All are welcome to attend.

The Board will be doing a plot check at that time to ensure that plots are in compliance with HECG rules as we start the growing season.  As a reminder, HECG rules require that, “Plots must be kept planted, mulched, weeded, and harvested. Adjacent pathways around each plot must be kept free of weeds and debris and covered with mulch.”  If your plot is not in compliance, the Board may put a red flag in your plot and you will be contacted about your plot maintenance.
A note of apology: the repeating calendar notice on the garden calendar (embedded on this site) was repeating wrong until last week. It is correct now for this upcoming meeting and will be reviewed for future meetings.


We need your help this week and on Saturday, April 22nd from 8am to 12noon, weeding and mulching the garden.
Weeding – Please help weed the garden any time before April 22nd.  If you missed our all hands work day last weekend, please pitch in! You can log your hours on the website.  Gardeners should focus on weeding pathways surrounding their plots and near the water barrels.  As a reminder, the HECG rules require gardeners to care for the pathways around their plots.
Mulching – Come to the garden any time from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm on Saturday, April 22nd for an ALL HANDS WORK DAY to lay mulch in the garden.  This is an important work day, so please try to make it.
We’re looking forward to a great growing season!

Calendar Update

New Board meeting dates have been added to the calendar. The meetings will take place on the second Thursday of the month beginning January 12, 2017. All gardeners are welcome to join or submit items/suggestions/issues for discussion. Winter locations TBD. Check garden communications prior to each meeting.