Fill out the form below to be added to the waiting list.  Gardeners who live adjacent to the garden receive priority for any empty garden plots. Please note that the wait for a plot in Hill East Community Garden can be several years.

Note: As of August 2016, primary gardeners must reside in zip codes 20002 or 20003 to be considered for garden membership. Gardeners who are already on the waiting list will be accommodated.

Please contact the garden board if you would like to verify your position on the waiting list or if you have any other questions. To see a list of other DC community gardens, you can visit dugnetwork.org or click here.


One thought on “WAIT LIST

  1. Sunday, March 5, 2023


    I signed up on the waiting list a couple of years ago and I got no response as to where I am on it or if I am on it. I live basically across the street from the garden and would like to be considered if there is an opening plot available.

    Please let me know,

    Grace Kelly


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