The garden has eight water barrels to use for watering your plot. Gardeners are responsible for filling these barrels when the water level is low. Water is provided by a neighboring gardener, so there are some time restrictions on when you can fill. Instructions for filling the barrels are below, and on the bulletin boards next to each gate.

Before Filling:
1) Check your watch. Is it okay to hook up to the supply hose? (see Times below.)
2)Please check BOTH sets of valves (East and West end of Garden) to make sure they are all closed (set to OFF position).
3)Make sure you only open valves for the barrels you will be filling.
4)Insert hoses into barrels before turning on the water.

1)Use the quick connect to hook the supply hose to the garden hose.
2)Check that the hoses in the barrels are working.
3)Monitor the barrels as they fill so that the water does not overflow.

After Filling:
1)Disconnect the garden hose from the supply hose.
2)Bring the garden hose back inside the garden fence.
3)Remember to CLOSE all valves (set to OFF position).
4)Please CHECK East and West valves to make sure all are closed.


Before 10AM: ☹ Please do NOT fill the barrels.

10:00 AM – 7:00PM, or after 8 in the evening: ☺ Fill’er up!

Between 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM: ☹ Please do NOT fill the barrels.

Need Help?
Ask a fellow gardener or e-mail board@hilleastgarden.org for a personalized lesson!