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Drip Irrigation Agreement

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Using the Grill

The grill on the patio is available for use by HECG garden members.

  1. There are two gas containers, one attached to the grill and one in the shed.
  2. Uncover the grill.
  3. Turn on the gas at the regulator.
  4. Turn on the grill, light with a match or lighter if the igniter button isn’t working.
  5. GRILL!
  6. Clean the grill by burning off the grease.
  7. Shut off the grill and gas.
  8. When cool, double check that the gas is off, then re-cover the grill.
  9. If either tank is empty, replace it. You can trade the empty one in for a full one at Frager’s. Get a receipt and contact the board so you can be reimbursed. If you don’t have a car, you can ask someone in the garden for help, but you still must replace empty gas canisters.

Using the Umbrellas

There are two umbrellas to provide shade for the patio tables.

After use, close both umbrellas so they will not be damaged by wind.

In the winter, umbrellas can be found in the shed, and should be returned there after use.

Using the Tools

There are a few garden tools in the shed. HECG gardeners can use these in the garden. Return to the shed after use.