Plot Map and Garden Tasks

2021 Garden Map

Click for a larger version of the 2021 GARDEN PLOT MAP

2021 Garden Task Assignments Coming Soon

2020 Garden Task Descriptions:

Patio Maintenance Includes keeping the garden patio clean and weed free. Gardeners who select this task will be trained to use the garden’s fire dragon and other organic means of weed control. Includes weeding area between patio and center gate. This task requires 4 gardeners

Shed Maintenance Keep the garden shed clean and organized. Includes maintaining tools and supplies and recommending to the garden board when items need to be added or replaced. This task requires 1 gardener

Infrastructure Maintenance Includes ongoing inspection and maintenance/repair of the fence, gates, locks, grill, furniture, water barrels and their stands, coordinating bulk trash removal, etc. This task requires 1 gardener.

Herb Garden Maintenance Includes planting, weeding and maintaining in and below HECG’s raised herb garden. This task requires 1 gardener.

Online Coordinator Includes researching and sharing information on best gardening practices, organic pest control, vegetable growing tips, recipes, photos, stories, etc. Requires access to HECG website and social media pages. (gardeners can be trained). This task requires 2 gardeners.

Exterior Perimeter Weeding Includes keeping a assigned sections of the garden along the exterior of the fence weed and vine free. Gardeners can be creative and turn these areas into flower beds or extensions of their plots. No invasive plants allowed. This task requires 16 or more gardeners.

Interior Perimeter Weeding Includes keeping assigned sections along the interior of the the fence weed and vine free. These sections would be convenient for gardeners who have plots that border sections of the fence. This task requires 8 or more gardeners.