Board Meeting Minutes 01/11/16

Hill East Community Garden—Board Meeting January 11, 2016

–Officer Reports


  • Nicole Shank-President no update
  • Lucie Anan-Vice President NOT IN ATTENDANCE emailed notes
  • Jennifer Shoemaker-Garden coordinator NOT IN ATTENDANCE
  • Erin Harms-Membership renewal update (see below)
  • Joan Gregory-Secretary no update
  • Stephanie Spahlinger–Treasurer one bill paid (Go Daddy for website renewal)


–Annual meeting March 5

  • At NE Capitol Hill Library (330 7th Street NE) 2-4pm March 5th


  • Tentative Agenda

o   Annual report from each officer

o   State of the garden

  • New rules on work hours
  • Planned work days for 2016

o   New officer slate (There is still time to throw your hat in the ring, please email any officer to get details!)

o   Vote on new board members

o   Speaker TBD


–Renewal application and status to send

  • Erin is in the process of creating a new form for garden renewals.  We will now accept PayPal to pay your 2016 fees!


  • Renewals will be sent out within the next week and be due back by February 14


  • We have over 100 people on the wait list.  It is imperative that renewals are sent in in a timely fashion.  If not, you run the risk of losing your plot.


  • On that note, all folks on the wait list now will be kept.  Going forward we will have boundaries to make sure we are keeping our community garden within our community.  New boundaries are being worked on and will be voted on at the next meeting.


–Board recruitment


Gardeners Brenda Dunlap and Matt Bradley were in attendance as prospective new board members.

Please contact any board member if you have an interest in being on the board.


Next Meeting February 17, 2016.


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