May Board Meeting Minutes

HECG Board Meeting Minutes May 2016

May 16, 2016, 7PM at HECG

In Attendance:

Matt Bradley, Web & IT Coordinator

Brenda Dunlap, Secretary

Erin Harns, Treasurer/Membership

Katie Lefeber Donahue, Garden Events Coordinator

Luke Manion, Vice President


Joan Gregory, President

Officer Reports:

President: Nothing to report

Vice President: Nothing to report

Secretary: Nothing to report


  • Banking has been transferred to Erin. Stephanie will be transferring Paypal and the

ledger to Erin. Insurance fee increased to $437.50 because Greenseed dropped off our

policy. The garden will explore taking over its own insurance.

  • Erin is receiving back statements, but online banking is not currently available. Erin will

call the bank to set that up. There are two debit cards. One will live with the treasurer and

the other with the garden president (Joan).

  • One plot next to patio is still vacant.

Garden Events Coordinator:

  • Katie has the sign-in sheets from 2 workdays but the 3rd work day was damp and there

was no sign-in sheet. She will log-in hours where she has complete info but some folks only

signed in (they didn’t include the amount of time they stayed). She’ll remind those who

worked to make sure their hours were logged in.

  • Katie will email gardeners future reminders about works days ~ 1 week in advance and

also 1 day in advance.

  • The Board agreed that gardeners should log their own work hours in the future. It

creates unnecessary work for the Board otherwise.

  • Katie will begin to contact gardeners to lead workday starting with gardeners who have

not logged any work hours yet.

  • Katie plans to coordinate a garden social for June and we discussed ideas. Per Erin, the

Homebrew Association wants to hold a social at HECG and invite gardeners. Erin and Katie

will contact them about setting it up. Katie will solicit other ideas from gardeners and also

contact Nicole who wanted to host a social at one point.

  • Erin will set up a date for a water training happy hour
  • Matt will lead 5/19/2016 Wine & Weeding event. The goal will be weeding vacant plot on the west side of the patio. Other priority is Bermuda grass on patio against the wood and the East perimeter area


  • Matt will send an email to gardeners with instructions on accessing HECG content in

HECG google group since he has finished setting it up. He will also start a google sheet of

Board members contact info.

Other Business:

  • Luke will purchase a fire dragon estimated at $40 to torch the patio weeds. He’ll email Erin the receipt for reimbursement. Because it might be unsafe to house it in the shed, he will store it for HECG.
  • Mrs. Gold’s request: could be link spamming or a teacher’s outreach. Everyone disliked that it’s affiliated with a corporation. Erin will add a shout-out on the home-page recent blog posts and respond to Mrs. Gold that we will not link the article.
  • Plot check: Luke will contact Gene Kim and Chris Forney and ask them to weed their plots. Kimberly Kennedy will decide by Friday 5/20/2016 if she’s going to continue her plot and will weed it if she stays.
  • Katie will call 311 for bulk pickup of discarded boards and broken chairs & umbrellas. We suggested putting the discarded tomato cages in the alley for the metal recycler. Matt will assist if Ryan needs assistance moving items in preparation for pickup.
  • Erin will purchase nematodes since it’s still cool enough.

NEXT MEETING: Monday June 20, 2016 at 7PM at HECG (all gardeners are welcome to attend)

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April Board Meeting Minutes

HECG Board Meeting April 11, 2016


  • Stephanie is working to finish transferring over Treasurer duties to Erin.
  • Joan, Erin and Stephanie will go to the bank next Thursday to transfer the account to allow us to sign.
  • Lucie was reimbursed for the patio furniture. Joan needs paid back for signs—trying to do through Paypal.
  • We are still working on change of garden address. We are checking to see if we need a physical address if we are ever to get a water hookup.
  • Joan bought new signs that say “water me” and “harvest me.” Please feel free to grab from shed and use when needed. Red flags still need purchased.
  • We also discussed a potential gardener wanted to barter instead of pay new gardener fees. We said no. We will continue looking at these on a case by case basis, but said no in this case.
  • Erin will now continue to fill plots, we have four open.
  • Nematodes order: will be late April after we mulch.

Work Days:

  • Matt is going to add work days to the google calendar and Facebook. We will also send out emails. Please let us know if you think there are other good ways to keep gardeners in the loop.
  • This coming work day SATURDAY will be led by the board. We will focus on: weeds in common areas and in-between plots. Clean shed, inventory tools.

Check water hoses.

  • We will be asking gardeners to sign up to lead additional set work days. Please contact Katie to sign up. It is a great way to get your 4 work hours per plot. As a reminder, we are keeping a close eye on work hours this year and will hold gardeners hold gardeners to their commitments to performs 4 hours of tasks per year or ask them to leave the garden.

Next HECG Board Meeting Dates Set:

Every third Monday of the month in the garden at 7pm.

  • May 16
  • June 20
  • July 18
  • August 15
  • September 19
  • October 17
  • November 21
  • December 19

Updated! 2016 Garden Season Work Days Announced

Updated 13 April 2016

Hello Gardeners,

Based on feedback from those gardeners who attended the March 5 Annual Meeting, we have scheduled workdays for the season. Check the Calendar page of the web site for dates and times. Mark your calendars and see you in the garden!

Lead a Work Day!

Help out the Board and Volunteer to lead a work day

With all the extra work days and advanced scheduling of them, we could use help making sure each date is covered with at least one person to explain goals to other gardeners (the board will help identify those goals as the season progresses). Fill out this form to indicate your interest in a leading a work day.

Board Meeting Minutes 01/11/16

Hill East Community Garden—Board Meeting January 11, 2016

–Officer Reports


  • Nicole Shank-President no update
  • Lucie Anan-Vice President NOT IN ATTENDANCE emailed notes
  • Jennifer Shoemaker-Garden coordinator NOT IN ATTENDANCE
  • Erin Harms-Membership renewal update (see below)
  • Joan Gregory-Secretary no update
  • Stephanie Spahlinger–Treasurer one bill paid (Go Daddy for website renewal)


–Annual meeting March 5

  • At NE Capitol Hill Library (330 7th Street NE) 2-4pm March 5th


  • Tentative Agenda

o   Annual report from each officer

o   State of the garden

  • New rules on work hours
  • Planned work days for 2016

o   New officer slate (There is still time to throw your hat in the ring, please email any officer to get details!)

o   Vote on new board members

o   Speaker TBD


–Renewal application and status to send

  • Erin is in the process of creating a new form for garden renewals.  We will now accept PayPal to pay your 2016 fees!


  • Renewals will be sent out within the next week and be due back by February 14


  • We have over 100 people on the wait list.  It is imperative that renewals are sent in in a timely fashion.  If not, you run the risk of losing your plot.


  • On that note, all folks on the wait list now will be kept.  Going forward we will have boundaries to make sure we are keeping our community garden within our community.  New boundaries are being worked on and will be voted on at the next meeting.


–Board recruitment


Gardeners Brenda Dunlap and Matt Bradley were in attendance as prospective new board members.

Please contact any board member if you have an interest in being on the board.


Next Meeting February 17, 2016.